Saturday, October 16, 2010

Strawberry Sauce

A sweet aromatic strawberry sauce for topping waffles, pancakes, ice cream, shortcake, and other desserts.
2-4 servings
2 cup Strawberries (loosely packed; fresh or frozen)
1/8 cup white sugar
1 teaspoon cornstarch (disolved in a little water)
1. Cut strawberries into halves or quarters (depending on preference; if the strawberries are fairly small you may leave them whole).
2. Place strawberries in a saucepan and pour sugar on top and place on burner set between medium and medium-low.
3. The mixture will slowly become watery at which point you can set the burner to medium. Once the mixture begins to boil add dissolved cornstarch while stirring the mixture.
4. After boiling for 1-2 minutes (remember to continue stirring) you can remove from the burner.
The syrup can be used hot or can be refrigerated and used cold, depending on your preference.
Additional Notes:
* Add a small amount of lemon juice to add a slight tang, especially to strawberries that are a little bland (e.g. store bought varieties).
** If you need your syrup to go farther, add some water (~1/2 cup), double the corn starch, double the sugar, and add lemon juice. This will make make more strawberry topping without compromising the flavor much.
Preparation Time:
5 minutes
Cooking Time:
10 minutes
Tammy's Review:
This is my favorite topping for pancakes or waffles. I think the only downside is that it doesn't keep as long as jam or regular syrup, probably because it calls for less sugar.

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